9 11 2016


That puts the Jewish split only slightly more Democrat than 2012 (68%), but still less Democrat than they were in 2008 (83%).  The narrowest split in my lifetime was 1980, when they went 45% for Carter, 39% for Reagan, 14% for Anderson.  The last time a “Republican” won the Jewish vote was the non-typical one in the person of Dwight Eisenhower, both in ’52 and ’56, and for very obvious reasons.




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9 11 2016

The Hasids were with Cruz so they might have been particularly never Trump.

9 11 2016

Speaking of Duke, unfortunately, he only got 3% in the opening round vote for LA-SEN. Obviously that wasn’t enough to make the runoff.

9 11 2016
Alex the Goon

Wasn’t enough to stop Eric Trump from saying Duke “deserves a bullet”, either.

10 11 2016

Yeah, he needs to be taken aside.

10 11 2016

Duke has never advocated the use of violence.

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