Special Providence Looks After Fools, Drunkards and the Voters of Westchester County, New York

9 11 2016

White Plains, New York

Trump’s win will end AFFH.

And yet, Westchester County, N.Y., ground zero for the AFFH Eye of Sauron in the last handful of years, voted Hillary over Trump 64-33.

Not surprised, though — Like I’ve been saying, AFFH, as well as a lot of other Obama-era major initiatives, are implemented in a way that the substance happens, but local yokel officials or someone other than Baraq Obama gets the blame for the negative consequences.  It means the public anger gets fed into a dummy load and is therefore made inconsequential.

Not surprisingly, Trump’s only borough win was Staten Island.




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9 11 2016

Westchester is Jewish. State Island is Italians.

10 11 2016
28 12 2016
The Unnamed Codefendant | Countenance Blog

[…] their voting habits will be such where their national and local preferences contradict, to wit:  Westchester County, New York.  Not realizing that the Federal politicians they’re empowering always override the local […]

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