The Kids Are Sorta Alright

10 11 2016


Glenn Reynolds, today:

A bunch of InstaPundit readers who are students or faculty at various universities have been forwarding me emails about dealing with the “shock” “fear” and “dismay” that people on their campuses are supposed to be feeling. These emails generally either come from, or are copied to, the school’s “Office of Diversity and Inclusion” or some such. Yet the notion that a candidate supported by a big electoral majority is somehow beyond the pale — so much so that merely contemplating the election results is psychological trauma — is itself a slap in the face at the notion of diversity and, of course, a way of excluding the (many) students at these institutions who supported Trump from the university community. This should be a wakeup call for higher education, but I predict that the snooze button will be hit again.

The real news here is that all this news about special snowflake college students supposedly melting down and needing crayons, plush toys and safe spaces isn’t really happening, it’s all astroturf and hot air coming from colleges’ diversity bureaucracies, which is where short bus “studies” graduates and affirmative action cases often go to work.




One response

11 11 2016

Related. Notice again, it’s a corporate “inclusion” bureaucracy.

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