Equal and Opposite Reaction

14 11 2016


H/T Jim Hoft


Mrs. Clinton’s campaign was so confident in her victory that her aides popped open Champagne on the campaign plane early Tuesday. But that conviction, aides would later learn, was based largely on erroneous data showing that young, black and Latino voters and suburban women who had been turned off by Mr. Trump’s comments but viewed Mrs. Clinton unfavorably would turn out for her in higher numbers than they ultimately did.

She was popping bubbly based on young voters and Hispanic voters, instead of doing what any politician who banks on those two groups should be doing, writing her concession speech.

As far as blacks, usually that’s a safer bet, but I told you over and over and over for the last year and a third in this medium why it wasn’t this time.




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14 11 2016
Hard Right

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