Nobody Pays Attention to Anything Anymore

14 11 2016


It’s killing me watching the left and some cuckservatives lose their shit over Steve Bannon getting a high level White House job.  Did they not see or realize or do they not remember that Bannon had high level campaign duties during the third organizational trimester (the Kellyanne Conway era) of the Trump campaign?




5 responses

14 11 2016
Hard Right

You’d think that one of them would’ve remembered that Breitbart was Jewish and that Bannon used to work for Goldman-Sachs. I’m pretty sure there aren’t very many “anti-semites” at GS.

14 11 2016

Hard Right – You may be surprised at how much animosity there is within the tribe.

14 11 2016
Alex the Goon

Still, self-hating-Whites vastly outnumber self-hating-anything-elses.

14 11 2016
Hard Right

Sure is nice of the fat fuck to reveal their plans….

14 11 2016
Hard Right

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