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15 11 2016


Messenger chalks it all up to the usual bureaucratic bungling.

I’m here to offer a more cynical theory.

Slay and Dotson wanted it turned off.

Because they have to deal with the PR headache year in and year out of St. Louis being at or very near the top of the list of the country’s most dangerous crime cities.  Slay, because he’s the mayor, and therefore, the public executive face of the city, and Dotson, because he’s the police chief, and therefore is said to have primal responsibility for violent crime.  Sure, they can trot out the zomg we can’t annex lol excuse, but they can only do it for so long and only so often before it gets old.  With that in mind, they don’t want to create a paper trail to prove that St. Louis City really is that dangerous.

Interestingly, the alderwoman for that area, Cara Spencer, is thinking about running for mayor herself.  Speaking of which, Dotson, who was running, took his hat out of the ring a week ago while we were paying attention to other bigger elections.

And, odd for Tony Messenger, the blind squirrel found an acorn when he associated this (bureaucratic bungling/deliberate move/whatever you want to attribute it to) to the 2013 transfer of control of the SLPD from the state to the city.

If he thinks it’s bad now, wait until the Lizz Brown/Marilyn Mosby/George Soros shill becomes Circuit Attorney.




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30 11 2016
Racial Profiling, Tsk Tsk | Countenance Blog

[…] The end of this article mentions the controversy over the city turning its Shot Spotter system off in certain areas, why it happened, who or what is to blame.  I have my own cynical hypothesis. […]

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