Next Lowest Common Denominator

15 11 2016


The reason Rahm, Wilhelm, and other big city mayors are so adamant about resisting immigration enforcement in the impending Trump era is because they want to import the second lowest common denominator from Mexico and Latin America and other places to do battle with our long standing domestic lowest common denominator, that being Africanus Bellcurvius.  Also fueling their political rage is that Trump is going to end AFFH, which means no more using the Federal government as a weapon to shovel up Bellcurvii and unload them on suburbs.




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15 11 2016
Dr Duke

Here is some background music for this post and the upcoming chimp outs

15 11 2016
15 11 2016

The elites would never admit it but immigration was used to revitalize cities destroyed by blacks. Whites were not going to return to cities after all the black riots. Something had to be done.

15 11 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Mayor deadfish is probably on the Tel Aviv express soon anyway. The niggas don’t like his gefilte fish gubmint. All those rainbows will split soon. White Men are rising, which means anything darker than off-white is about to bounce out or dry up.

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