15 11 2016

Portland, Oregon

If you told me eight days ago that the next day, Trump would win, and protests-with-benefits (a Soros-funded attempt at a color-coded revolution) would break out in Portland, Ore. and other big cities, and you asked me to construct mental images in my own mind of the composite mugshots of those who would be arrested, my imagination would be practically equal to reality.

Of course, since a majority of them didn’t actually vote, it’s just more proof that this is the usual rent-a-mob.

Although, since a jury comprised of mostly people from the Portland area found the Malheur Seven not guilty, I won’t ever bash Portlandia ever again, not that much.




2 responses

15 11 2016
John Vawter

[Portland Mayor Charlie] Hales said “I’m really heartsick that our local small businesses who had no culpability in what happened in this election, far from it, have been harmed by people that just wanted to exploit the protest to raise hell.”

Culpability? So if they were Trump supporters the violence would be OK?

15 11 2016

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