Eat At Don’s

16 11 2016


Trump is not allowed to eat without the media.


A pool of reporters and photographers was in the motorcade when President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas. The pool was just steps away from President Ronald Reagan when he was shot outside a hotel in the District of Columbia, and was stationed outside his hospital as he recovered.

And you want to be there to see Trump be a victim of the assassination you’re provoking.

Oh, I didn’t just say that, did I?  Have I gone too far?  Or have I not gone far enough?




5 responses

16 11 2016
Alex the Goon

He could keep them even closer at hand, and use them as human shields.

16 11 2016

Get used to the new normal. Trump don’t give a shit.

16 11 2016
John Vawter

That was my thought too. How can a “lone nut” find his target if said target won’t keep the media informed on his whereabouts?

17 11 2016
Hard Right

It’s ok now. They’ve got the lobby staked out.

17 11 2016

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