Introspection Is Hard

16 11 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

New York Observer, two days ago:

America’s Emerging Nationalism Crisis


Predictably, the vanquished GOP in November 2012 determined that they needed to get more Hispanics voting Republican. The stakes were clear within days of Romney’s defeat, as I observed at the time:

The GOP has a basic choice to make if it wants to survive as a national party: Get more Hispanics or get more whites. Doing the latter, especially reaching out to whites who are economically hurting, would require the party to conduct a painful self-examination as to why it favors the wealthy so consistently at the expense of average people. Doing the former will require glossy ads, more token brown faces at GOP events, and greater marketing en español yet no real introspection. Of course, the latter course might actually save the Republicans nationally, while the former course is a flight of fancy. Nevertheless, expect bulk purchases of “Yo soy Republican!” t-shirts and bumper-stickers to rise.

Trump adopted the Sailer Strategy—whether he knew it I have no idea—and won handsomely.

FYI, Jared Kushner is the publisher of this paper.

That the Republicans’ official autopsy of 2012 was donor-driven bullshit was something that we didn’t need to wait around for last Tuesday to find out.  Plenty of people refuted it just as soon as the ink was dry on the autopsy.

Harvard Business Review, six days ago:

What So Many People Don’t Get About the U.S. Working Class


The terminology here can be confusing. When progressives talk about the working class, typically they mean the poor. But the poor, in the bottom 30% of American families, are very different from Americans who are literally in the middle: the middle 50% of families whose median income was $64,000 in 2008. That is the true “middle class,” and they call themselves either “middle class” or “working class.”

“The thing that really gets me is that Democrats try to offer policies (paid sick leave! minimum wage!) that would help the working class,” a friend just wrote me. A few days’ paid leave ain’t gonna support a family. Neither is minimum wage. WWC men aren’t interested in working at McDonald’s for $15 per hour instead of $9.50. What they want is what my father-in-law had: steady, stable, full-time jobs that deliver a solid middle-class life to the 75% of Americans who don’t have a college degree. Trump promises that. I doubt he’ll deliver, but at least he understands what they need.

The mainstream left deals with the issues of burgeoning economic inequality with underpowered ineffectual answers, minor tweaks, because they can’t be honest with themselves and the rest of us about the root causes of burgeoning economic inequality, because it would expose their hands in the cookie jar.  This is where SJW screaming comes in, as a diversion.

Likewise, a common explanation for Trump winning is that Vladimir Putin hacked Facebook to insert supposed fake news into its news feed.  That’s just too ridiculous to…it’s just too ridiculous.

Likewise still, when the subject is “urban” street crime, you’ll always hear GANGS, DRUGS, GUNS.  When in reality, most black crime has nothing to do with a “formal” (“–“) street gang, or illicit drugs, and though they usually involve guns, they’ll use any convenient weapon.  However, citing gangs/drugs/guns is an easy way to avoid talking about TNB and HBD.  Which is good, because anyone who does will wind up on the ADL/SPLC shit lists, and urban politicians especially want to blame the secret guys behind the tree, because they can’t say black, because the grandmothers of black criminals often vote in municipal elections.

What is the through line between these four things?

People naturally seek explanations for and answers to problems and issues that are taboo-free (even if they’re not tinfoil-free) and easy and require no serious introspection or internal assignation of fault.

Which means if you hear something said over and over and over again and that which is repeated is not an obviously correct thing, you’re safe to assume that it’s rooted in someone avoiding introspection or constructing a diversion.




8 responses

17 11 2016
Joshua Sinistar

The Lincoln Logs better kill themselves, they have no future. Trump didn’t save them, they’re still dead. The dumbass clusterfuck commie daisy chain is also dead. White people have a future. They’re the only ones who really do. China and Japan show how without White people, Asia is just another bankrupt shithole. Without White people to buy from them, Japan went from Global powerhouse, to shithouse in less than ten years.
All this BS about brown and black ascendancy is about as plausible as the Planet of the Apes. In fact, I’d say straight out that if White people left Earth, and the brown and black bipedal sludge had only apes to compete with, the smart money would be on the apes. All that crap about having a future without White people can be seen clearly in Haiti, Detroit or Rio 2016. Without US, they have nothing but starvation, disease and idiots fighting over the scraps until they die out painfully. They got nothing…

17 11 2016
17 11 2016
David In TN

Yes, it looks like the left is going to double down on what they are.

If Trump hadn’t decided to argue with the Gold Star Father and hadn’t had the *****gate affair, he would likely have won by 3-4 points in the popular vote, maybe more.

17 11 2016
Alex the Goon

Don’t forget the Miss Piggy holocaust.

17 11 2016
Hard Right

Which means if you hear something said over and over and over again and that which is repeated is not an obviously correct thing, you’re safe to assume that it’s rooted in someone avoiding introspection or constructing a diversion.

The Jews did it.

17 11 2016

The Repuke Congress will fold like a bad poker hand just to get an invitation to some gala social fascist social event in DC…especially if some movie or music stars are sprinkled among the sooooo sooooo kewl guests.

The world beyond our borders needs to understand that while Trump is around, we’ll not go to war for Pederasty but we will go to war for Oil. When Trump is gone then we’ll not go to war for Oil, but we’ll go to war for Pederasty.
Foreign policies need to be tweaked a bit accordingly

17 11 2016

“GOP should focus on the hispanic vote” – I have to say that a way to disbar journalists who repeatedly promulgate such falsehoods is desperately needed. Hopefully everyone knows this is just concern trolling.

17 11 2016
Alex the Goon

I think everyone knows by now that journalists are lying everytime their fingers type.

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