Midweek Orange Crowned God-Emperor Wrap-Up

16 11 2016

* BuzzFeed (!!!), with original research.

* This might violate ’67 Anti-Nep, and that’s why Trump didn’t want to appoint Jared Kushner as his chief-of-staff, because he didn’t want to pick a constitutional fight on ’67 Anti-Nep before his Presidency even begins, but if it didn’t, I’d give it to her if I was Trump.  Remember, when his campaign started, someone yelled something about rape, and Ivana came right out and shut the shit down, and then said that she was voting for Trump, would help his campaign however she could, and thought that he would make a great President.

* First sentence tells all.  There never is any such year.

* “But but but the legally meaningless popular vote lulz”

* It’s like 10,000 spoons when you all you need is a knife.  Now, when it doesn’t matter.

OTOH, it was the sprouting of the TPM in 2009 that got Trump interested in public affairs in a way he never was before.

* Alright.  Can we PLEASE finally admit that the data game, while necessary to a point, is overrated?  The only reason anyone ever thought it mattered that much was because data got the credit for the Obama re-elect four years ago.  But as we later found out, the targets of Obama’s ’12 data game turned out less than they did four years prior.

* Meanwhile, one of the architects of the RNC’s data game is both a young woman and a native St. Louisan.  But my point remains the same:  The data game is pass-fail, all you need is a good enough one, but once you pass the pass-fail barrier, that doesn’t by itself guarantee your horse’s win.

* Such a complex weave of left wing bromides and tropes, I just don’t have time to untangle them all.

* Welcome back, Winston.

* Obama’s right.  I don’t want a crude form of nationalism.  I want a pure and sophisticated form of nationalism.

* Like I’ve been saying, teachers and administrators are behind it.  You should realize it axiomatically by now.

* Somebody joked about having to sit in the back, so obviously, it’s a major crisis.  And an opportunity for more NAACP face time.  There was a teacher/administrator provoked walkout today.

* We may never know for sure if the human blockade was a proximate cause of his death, but OTOH, they should really feel good about themselves for it.

* Pauline Kaelism.  But, to give Kael due credit, she knew one person who voted for Nixon.

* Yet another good thing about the Trump Era — It has exposed the fraudulence of the House FreeDumb Caucus.  And justified my passing on almost the entirety of MUH DOWNBALLOT.

* Is this why Charles Murray was so unhinged about Trump?

* And now, the Clinton World Empire is now pinning all its hopes on Ugly Betty.  The talk is she’ll run for Congress.

Because when the husband was President for eight years, the wife was Secretary of State and a few hundred thousand votes in several states away from being President herself, the way to continue a political dynasty is to have the daughter run for and win a Congressional seat in a safe deep blue Congressional district.  She’d sure be able to wield lots of influence!

Then again, her apartment is apparently St. Elsewhere.




10 responses

16 11 2016
Hard Right

Infernal Revenue Disservice denies tax exemptions to Taxed Enough Already? Imagine that.

I’m personally glad that Shrillary’s campaign manager was a computer. Is that not perfect?

16 11 2016

The archetype of GIGO.

17 11 2016
Hard Right

She dindu nuffins


Speaking at President Gerald Ford’s alma mater, The Rev. Jesse Jackson called for President Obama to issue a blanket pardon to Hillary Clinton before he leaves office, just like Ford did for Richard Nixon.

17 11 2016
Hard Right


You may not remember Milo Yiannopoulos, the failed London tech entrepreneur who adopted a white-nationalist persona beloved by scores of 20-year-old white college bros convinced political correctness is the reason no one will sleep with them.

17 11 2016
17 11 2016
Hard Right

I’m sure OWS, BLM, and Bernie Bros will make up for your lost sales, Sweetheart.


“Far from the talk of building walls, far from the threats of keeping people out, far from the rhetoric of fear…is a world of differences. Differences that expand and enrich us. Because after all, our lives aren’t made better when we close ourselves off to the world, they’re made better when we open ourselves up to it…Celebrity Cruises.”

17 11 2016

Interestingly, the main negotiating party for Marco Rubio’s office in the Gang Bangers of Eight bill was a cruise ship/operator lobbyist.

17 11 2016
Hard Right

I hadn’t thought about that, but a lot of cruise ship galley and housekeeping personnel are Mestizos.

17 11 2016
Alex the Goon

I bet the only celebrities to sail that cruise line are the C-list comedians they hire to tell “jokes” one night a week.

17 11 2016
Hard Right

More Anarchy in the UK.


Polly Carmichael, a psychologist who heads the service, says in the 20 years she has worked in this field she has seen increasing numbers of children identifying as transgender or saying they do not conform to the gender they were born as.

Though rare, some of her patients are as young as three.

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