Why I Can Never Take Black People Seriously

16 11 2016


I’ve written here on several occasions in the past that I take black people as an individual microeconomic threat, but not a collective macroeconomic threat.

QED.  And RIP, all their bullshit hot air blowing about group economics.  Out is group evolutionary strategy, in is crabs in a bucket.

Wanting to boycott a hole in the wall choke-n-puke because the next Mayor of New York ate there.  Lord Jehovah Jireh.

As an aside, this place is six and a half miles from the Weave Loan Store.




2 responses

16 11 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Actually having niggers boycott you is like Manna from Heaven. Ever since the zookeepers let the apes out because of the Tragedy of Sybil Rites, finding Ape-free spaces has been the purview of the Uber-Riche. Only Multimillionaires willing to pay Princely sums could find a haven from Niggas keeping it real – bad that is.
Having niggers make a zone be Ape-free is like an unbelievable boon of crazy luck. People will seek those spots of Ape-free zones like Runners seeking Sanctuary in “Logan’s Run”.

17 11 2016

in true Alinskyite fashion, our Social Fascist Elite will brook no deviationism at all. Not a jot or a tiddle of deviation is permitted. They enforce this ALinskyite rule with economic boycott, family ruin & other acts of pressure & intimidation. Only lots more of this in future…

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