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18 11 2016


Let’s see.  He’s not even President yet, but:

* Both Trudeau and Nieto have indicated that they are very willing to renegotiate NAFTA

* TPP is all but biologically dead

* The organization which assesses the risk of nuclear war has moved the needle back to the lowest risk level that is anything higher than zero

* And now this.

Louisville, in Kentucky, a solid red state.  Rewarding the people that vote for him — That’s how you can tell he’s not really a Republican, because no respectable Republicans actually reward their loyal voters, they piss all over their loyal voters and chase after people that will always vote anywhere between landslide and monolithic proportions for the other party.




2 responses

18 11 2016
David In TN

I’ve often reflected on what a big difference it is being the loser in a presidential election rather than the winner. The victor has enormous power and influence even before taking office. The loser frequently doesn’t even have a job.

And losing the presidential election means you become almost a nonperson in a political sense. Let us hope this gets Bill and Hillary Clinton out of our lives.

18 11 2016
Hard Right

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