Ha Ha, Real Funny

18 11 2016

Jefferson City

Someone played a practical joke on Jason Kander, by nominating him for DNC chair.

Now you’d think that the Democrat who last week came the closest to winning on the statewide ballot would merit some serious consideration.  But he won’t, for the same reason why Howard Dean, a serious candidate and a previous DNC chair who led the organization to the last time its party had two consecutive successful election cycles, 2006 and 2008, won’t be considered.

No diversity Pokemon points!

So, in order to appeal to WCWs, and to demonstrate that the party is starting to get over its diversity first knee jerk agenda, the Democrats are about to give the job to a black Muslim.




One response

18 11 2016
Hard Right

I had to look up Ellison. For some reason I was thinking he was a Farrakhan Moslem from Yakub’s spaceship. Looks like he’s an actual Jihadi Moslem.

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