John Hancock Puts the John Hancock On His Resignation Letter

18 11 2016

Jefferson City

John Hancock steps down as MRP head.

This has the fingerprints of Eric Greitens all over it.  I know that Greitens isn’t personally very high on Hancock, and that Hancock was a Catherine Hanaway supporter, so that feeling was mutual.  I don’t think any particular thing is behind it; I think it’s just more of a general animus, though that’s not even the right word.  More like nonchalance.  It might be tempting to think that Greitens, being Jewish, was sensitive to the Danforth-Messenger peddled bullshit that an anti-Semitic whisper campaign that Hancock himself supposedly started caused (the not Jewish) Tom Schweich to commit suicide.  However, it’s not true.  Greitens just isn’t that into Hancock.

Remember, Eric Greitens’s candidacy was the least likely to succeed.  And he’s coming into the job as a drain-the-swamp outsider.  If either Catherine Hanaway or Peter Kindercare had won this thing, Hancock would have stayed on.  But Greitens is an outsider, and Hancock is a long time insider, and ne’er the twain.




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