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18 11 2016

Creve Coeur

Interdistrict deseg (“VICC”) is going to be phased out.



Or something like that.

Seriously, with Trump’s victory meaning AFFH is going to be stopped dead in its tracks, this probably gives VICC every incentive to continue, even if it’s in the rose-by-any-other-name sense.




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18 11 2016
Original Laura

What year did it start? Was Clayton in the program from the beginning? Are most of the black students in Clayton schools part of VICC or do quite a few of them live in the district? In the 70s VICC had not started, and there were very few blacks in Clayton schools. Also, Clayton had six elementary schools when I was there, and now they appear to be down to three, although the total enrollment appears as high or higher than it was in the 70s.

18 11 2016

VICC started in 1983, as a settlement to the Minnie Liddell lawsuit. Ironically, her lawsuit was filed because she wanted her children to go to schools closer to their house.

Clayton hardly has any residential blacks (it is 8% black, but only because jail and prison inmates are counted as living where the jail/prison is on census day, and the county jail is in Clayton), so I would presume that virtually all black students in the Clayton district are VICC.

18 11 2016

One more thing: This is now the third time since 1995 that the VICC board has voted to phase the whole program out. The cynical side of me (though I repeat myself) thinks that they’re peddling the pretense of ending it for some sort of political reason.

18 11 2016
john jones

Boy that was some major gaslighting right there

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