V-T Day

18 11 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Gab.ai finally let me in today.

Which means I’m through with Twitter.




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18 11 2016
Hard Right

Congratulations! You’re now on the list of known subversives.

18 11 2016

yeah they deleted weevs bio over jew talk

18 11 2016

weev’s bio (& ricky vaughn’s bio) are both back. which was above & beyond the call of duty by gab. gab has basic 3 rules: no illegal porn, no threats or terrorism, no revealing private info.

nice pic of lucy with the noose, dr. countenance – you just got your first of many upvotes.

still laughing over your tweetstorm on the prison to school pipeline (or vice versa) the other day. hope that sort of lightning-in-a-bottle trolling can strike twice. gab would benefit from that kind of thing.

18 11 2016

Ward holding the noose in front of June is also my Disqus avatar.

18 11 2016
Hard Right

I really don’t see the point. The only place the Alt-Right ever had any influence was on Twitter. Gab will only be a right-wing echo chamber. There won’t be any Leftists to fuck with and no Normies to convert. Sure, you can plot and scheme over there, but you could do that on /pol/ or on Anglin’s IRC server. Besides, how are they going to make any money when Twitter has yet to turn a profit?

19 11 2016
19 11 2016

I’m in agreement with HR, I’ll stick with Twitter for now (although I have gab as well) it’s a better place to keep a eye on the crazies (and spread our ideas to normies). Please do like voxday and use both, countenance. Pretty please.

20 11 2016
Alex the Goon

Besides, you’re nobody until you’ve been banned by twitter.

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