In and Out Burgers

21 11 2016

Washington, D.C.

The generic Congressional vote in 2016 was 50.1% R, 47.2% D, yielding a 239-146 Republican majority, with the two Louisiana runoffs pending, though one will actually be R, because its runoff is R versus R, and the other, while R versus D, is most likely an R win.

Which means we won’t be hearing noise about gerrymandering for the next two years.  Even though in lieu of that, we will be hearing about the Electoral College.

ICYMI, I told you two years ago why this gerrymandering noise is just hot air.

ICYMI, here’s something else I was right about, the last paragraph.




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21 11 2016
21 11 2016

Let us get californias illegals out of their 55 EC votes.

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