So Many Tomorrows Are Yesterdays

21 11 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

For awhile yesterday on Drudge, one of the big headlines, underneath a pic of the Great Hopeychanger, was:


Leaving aside the sensationalist inference, it was only a short few weeks ago when everyone thought that that the party that would be disintegrating right now wasn’t the Democrats.





8 responses

21 11 2016

both parties have basically disintegrated, but I’d count on the democrats lasting longer.

21 11 2016

You’re right, it’s just that as of now, the ground underneath the Democrats’ feet is softer.

The Republicans look powerful, but look closer. Looks can be deceiving. Like I wrote here the day after the election, not quite in these terms, there are now three different Republican parties, a populist-nationalist (sorta) one in the White House, a lamestream conservative one in the House, and a RINO ranging to neoconservative one in the Senate. The first mentality is ascendant, the second one is starting to wane, and the third one is cratering fast. But the two that are falling can still wield some influence.

21 11 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Its simple really. The GOP disintegration was supposed to be complete with dark skinned sludge dumped into America. However, like I said before, that Rainbow of Hate fucking hates each other. You are all wrong about KKKrazy glue. Its free cheese and the promise of MOAR that kept it together. That dumb monkey destroyed the economy so bad that now they’re already fighting for the scraps. The Rainbow of Hate is turning on each other.
On the White Front, Whites have finally learned the rules. Love Your Race or face extinction. Its all over but the rounding and purging. Yes, especially jooooos.
It doesn’t matter if Trump wants to do it or not. If he doesn’t, someone more “extreme” will git ‘er done. TRUST ME ON THAT.

21 11 2016
Alex the Goon

If Trump doesn’t crack down on voter fraud, he could be the last (R) Pres. His 306 has him saying he won “easily”, but it was much, much too close for comfort. Don’t underestimate the aforementioned brown sludge, and the Dem Machine’s ability to mobilize them. Especially when they’re in a hitlerpanic.

21 11 2016
21 11 2016
john jones

I didnt think we’d necessarily never have another GOP President, but I thought we’d never have another President who was both white and male. Boy, was I wrong.

22 11 2016

How do the Democrats get the white vote back?? They can’t turn on their base. Ending affirmative action treating whites equally and fairly would be a disaster for the Democrats.

22 11 2016
Alex the Goon

Playing the Long Game, they spend 12 years pozzing the minds of every White youngling who can’t afford private school. It’s not a 100% success rate, as some will recognize they’re on the losing end of a racewar, but Every Vote Counts.

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