Why It Doesn’t Matter

21 11 2016


The Federal judge overseeing the lawsuit over the voting method used in the Ferguson-Florissant School District for its board members is settling on cumulative voting for the remedy for the non-problem.

And why won’t it matter in the long run?

The last paragraph in this article:

About 80 percent of the school district’s 11,200 students are black, and 12 percent are white. The population in the district is nearly evenly split between black and white.

Old whites, and young blacks.  The trend is easy to see.  Eventually, DESE will take over this whole district, and the elected board won’t matter.  Unfortunately, thanks to the guddam Turner Law, it also means that in that scenario, FFSD students would be able to transfer out.

Otherwise, I hope this disparate impact craziness vis-a-vis the Federal judiciary is something we can at least seriously discuss and maybe even do something about in the next four to eight years.




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21 11 2016
Alex the Goon

88% black students, 12% white…Old whites, and young blacks.
Is it age demographics, or is it… White parents avoiding those schools like the black plague?

21 11 2016

Age demo. The whites tend to be upper middle aged to elderly.

21 11 2016

“I hope this disparate impact craziness… is something we can at least seriously discuss and maybe even do something about in the next four to eight years” — a million “amens,” brother.

21 11 2016

Bad whites will always find a way out, and Good whites will always find new ways of foisting them on us. So on and so forth.

22 11 2016

RE: a different entry, I believe the brand name of the mandated product for millenials entering the deodorant market is BixNood.

Personally, I’ve used Speed Stick since I was 19, and will continue to use it for as long as it remains on the market. I’ve somehow always associated Old Spice with stocky, excessively cheery men in gray beards, Greek fisherman’s caps, and bulky cable-knit sweaters laughing raucously together in the wheelhouse of a decreipt fishing boat on the open seas.

22 11 2016

When the black proportion of anything is 88%, all first-world remedies are automatically off the title.

22 11 2016


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