Thanksgiving Eve Wrap-Up

23 11 2016


* Yet another blow to our civic pride.  To kick dirt in our face, the new owners will probably also do away with the jingle.

* “Did not say how they linked the threat to Collins.”

Stingray?  NSA?  A pidgeon?

* This isn’t the first such story.  There was one almost three years ago that was far better in terms of the turkey-juicey irony.

* I snarked on that it won’t be long before @Jack kicks everyone off of Twitter except for @Jack.  Well, scratch that.

* Wow, total surprise.


* IKAGO.  Wait what?

Note:  The young lady of this pair was already on juvenile probation for a robbery conviction.

* Why there should be a death penalty, to protect witnesses.


* The President-Elect lives in a building that is in a block that backs to Madison Avenue, and the institutions for whom that street serves as a metonym is now doing some introspection because of said election.

* That might be, but it’s just marginally true enough to do what it needs to do, that is, serve as a crutch, an excuse, for people who don’t want to blame themselves and do serious critical introspection.

* Everything old is new again.  Today’s events are similar to but much less serious than the 1876 election aftermath.  However, as it turned out in the end, the way the compromise was reached was very consequential to American history, as it meant the end of Reconstruction.  Likewise, I’ve been predicting that this election will mark a serious inflection point in American history.

* Tee hee:

Can you imagine how the Alt-Right would have handled the Lewinsky scandal? Instead of huffing indignantly about “the dignity of the office” and attacking Republicans who also had affairs, there would have been a positive torrent of horrifically pornographic memes starring Bill Clinton. I’ll go so far as to suggest that if the Alt-Right had been around then, Bill Clinton would have been forced to resign.

* Like I predicted for more than a year, it wouldn’t be what he got, it would be what stayed home.

* Likewise, Muslim voters are politically roughly equivalent to black voters.

* “One of the greatest intuitive political geniuses in history.”


* Aw, look, our obsolete farm equipment is having a temper tantrum.

* Needless?  Remember, a lot of people think that all this is a feature, not a bug.

* Reads so much like Sandusky.

It won’t get that kind of play, because of two obvious reasons:  Race and football.

* She should have said she was there to vote.


* In this instance, we can safely rule out the lack of bacon as a motive. If both bacon and Nutella were involved, Dana Loesch could be a suspect.

* It’s back, the car-b-que.


* At least this properly informs us that Millennials are mostly the children of Boomers.

* I’d like to think that this letter and these concerns are bona fide, but I think that the authors are packing a hidden agenda.  I think they oppose CRISPR because they draw the through-line straight to eugenics.

* The only “kurse” of the KarTRASHcan men is that they’re the kind of men that would go with KarTRASHcan women.  Because, when you set the bar that low, enough people will sliver underneath it.

* Ceres porn.  Says that the largest constituent of the between Mars and Jupiter asteroid belt has more fresh water than Earth.  How?

* Everywhere, it’s all the same.  Women rile up men.  Helen of Troy?  The face that launched a thousand ships.




11 responses

24 11 2016
Hard Right

24 11 2016
Hard Right

25 11 2016
25 11 2016
25 11 2016
Hard Right

Fake News Media Blames Russkies for “Fake News”

Outlets as diverse as “AntiWar,” “Counterpunch,” “Sputnik,” “Drudge Report,” “Off Guardian” and “Unz Review” are attacked alongside RT, not to mention internationally popular entities including “WikiLeaks,” “Zerohedge” and “Truthout.” Basically, anybody critical of US foreign policy is accused of “echoing Russia.”

25 11 2016
Hard Right

In an ironically false news story from the Washington Post about Russian propaganda “stealing the US election,” the newspaper promoted a website called PropOrNot, which has created a Chrome extension to censor websites that it does not agree with and deems to be “fake news.”

25 11 2016
Hard Right

25 11 2016
Hard Right

It’s the Immigration, Stupid

Trump didn’t run on reforming Agriculture or HUD or Labor. He ran on building the wall and securing the border. He needs someone to get the job done. Homeland Security is too important for Transition Theater.

25 11 2016
Hard Right

Putting the Black into Black Friday….

25 11 2016
Hard Right

Net Opposition To Immigrants Of Different Nationalities Correlates Strongly With Their Arrest Rates In The UK

That same YouGov survey also asked British adults which nations they would like to see immigration reduced from. The three highest were Turkey, Romania and Nigeria, and the immigrants Britons were least opposed to were from Australia, Ireland, and Canada.

26 11 2016
Joshua Sinistar

If Kanye Whatsis is having a mental breakdown, how can you tell? Was he functioning in a observably functional or stable way originally? He’s the nigga who called out Taylor Swift for beating Bedonkey Gnoll wasn’t he? Then he’s all “where da White Wimmens at”? Is he just hiding from Jay Zs hitmen for not bashing Trump? Is this a gang thang?

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