Then Again, Don’t Hide This

23 11 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

My first reaction was that we need to hide this from all the guys in the manosphere who advocate polygamy.

My second reaction is that we don’t need to do that.

Polygamous societies tend not to be able to get along with their neighbors.

To wit:




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23 11 2016
Hard Right

I don’t recall anyone in the Manosphere advocating polygamy. They recognize that “alphas” have “soft harems.” That’s not the same as condoning it.

23 11 2016

“Polygamous societies tend not to be able to get along with their neighbors.”

Is the issue polygamy or significant population increase?

Polygamy is generally associated with multiple wives having many children. If done with sufficient numbers, it induces an exploding population that eventually needs other lands to invade and conquer to sustain the unsustainable Malthusian footprint.

Polyamory without the Malthusian population increase doesn’t constitute such a minatory posture to other nations.

Folks on the Right in the West don’t tend to advocate polygamy so much as an absolute proscription on abortion and perhaps birth control. While European populations are now in decline for numerous reasons, traditionally it is the ban on birth control that caused our populations to increase and seek lands elsewhere to sustain us.

The one-way migration of POC into European nations is existential genocide of Europeans and the resentment it is causing among our people can not be properly addressed without dealing with the huge disparity in birth rates worldwide. Eventually, this will be seen as a zero sum game on a finite planet. However, an anti-White climate, innumeracy and the misuse of religion are conspiring to prevent a public discussion of this topic.

When those nice people in the media tell you they favor open borders with one-way, unilateral mass migration, financed at your expense, (resulting in a planned increase in Amerikan population to 500 billion), AND that we need to reduce the deleterious impact of anthropogenic global warming… Look deeper into what is being planned because your rulers already have.

23 11 2016

500 million, not billion.

24 11 2016
Alex the Goon

Same effect.

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