Dueling Narratives

25 11 2016

Washington, D.C.






8 responses

25 11 2016

Hasta la vista Yeb!

26 11 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Senora Boosh, Motel Six wants you to give them their money back.

26 11 2016
Hard Right

Hasta la vista, Fidel.


Viva los casinos!

26 11 2016

It’s too early to say how strong the current “Republican” party is. After the 2004 elections, the GOP had 55 senators, and a hammerlock on the House, as well as reasonably high approval ratings for the reelected President.

2 years later, it was a different story.

26 11 2016

Go peacefully, Jebbie…. or Just Go

26 11 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Hopefully Trump can crush the GOPe dopes by being opposed by the Dead RINO Party like Obama never was. Oh the fail. The Stupid Party hasn’t lost its mind, it never had one to begin with.
Little Jebbie and Wall Street Mitty need to get together and form a New Political Party. The can call it the “We have an excuse for Failure Party”, or maybe just “The Bush League of Diet Coke Evil”.

26 11 2016
Alex the Goon

the Please Clap Party.

27 11 2016

Have the justice dept. seriously go after voter fraud, stop the commies from blocking voter ID laws, and stop millions of illegal aliens from voting and reverse this trend of American areas going communist. After getting the criminal aliens out, go after those who are a public charge. Audit the welfare roles and see who shouldn’t be getting any, kick them out, and give them the bill which they can’t pay as something they have to pay before reapplying in their home country to come here (to play good cop to make the wishy washy happy.) Give the public real numbers on just how many of these illegal aliens are here, how much money they are stealing from us, and how many of them are fraudulently voting in our elections.

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