Beautifully Played

27 11 2016


He didn’t want to do it.

Because doing it himself would have come off as political.

It’s the next best thing to doing it himself without actually doing it himself. And you know the other countries will go along, because they’re mad that they bribed the Crime Family Foundation to influence the future President Rodham, and as it turns out, there will be no President Rodham. You think they have some sort of financial incentive to whack back out of revenge?

All of the finished product, none of the mud on his hands.

Beautifully played, orange-crowned god-emperor.

Remember, this is someone whose $10 billion personal fortune is based on the most maddening labyrinth around, Manhattan real estate.



3 responses

27 11 2016
David In TN

Donald Trump appears to know what he’s up against and has made the right moves and gestures since the election. His enemies haven’t let up. Peter Brimelow has said they will try to impeach him if at all possible.

I think Trump is aware of this. Had he lost, Hillary and company would have tried to bankrupt him and/or dig up an excuse to prosecute him in federal court.

27 11 2016

Wow! We know Trump has a high IQ and is more street-smart than Hillary’s sleazy lawyers, but this is FANTASTIC! Since the corrupt United States DOJ went after FIFA (and infuriated Europeans for their meddlesome nonsense), I hope the EU equivalent goes after the Clinton Foundation and puts the Clintons in jail.

28 11 2016

Prosecuting former political leaders has such a third world feel to it – personally favor letting them fade away (with a push of course).
Suggest however, prosecuting from the bottom up. Its the “little people” down below doing their bidding that makes all things possible.
Burning them gives others pause in the future.

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