Post Thanksgiving Weekend Wrap-Up

27 11 2016


* Fifteen men, Chanel purses.

But like Seinfeld said…

Though they probably did it not for their own benefit, but to hawk ’em on the streets.

* Considering all of the elements, the odds that this would have happened were close to 100%.

But don’t worry, just bus ’em out to Francis Howell, and that’ll make ’em all better.


* What kind of woman talks this way?  Worries about her sons, ages 14 and 9, “pulling chicks.”

Oh, yeah, right.  I forgot.

Nine-year old boys shouldn’t be thinking about, or being made to think about, “pulling chicks.”


* With that said, starting about ten current years ago, I advanced the theory here and elsewhere that the reason why “anarchists” (left-wing extremists) are fanatics about mass immigration and open borders is because they love one of the side benefits.


* How quickly tunes change.

* This is Trump acting on instinct.  Though Moore needs to remember the very history he not only lived but helped write a little better:  Reagan sometimes governed in a less ideologically pure fashion than his campaign and public rhetoric.

* Randi Weingarten knows better.  After all, she was in Waiting for Superman, willingly.  All she’s doing here is trying to sweep the reformist-vs-traditionalist political dirt under the rug with SJW rhetoric.  (Which is how the left papers over most of its internecine feuds, by finding an Emmanuel Goldstein.)  She knows as well as I do that the reason so many members of the union she leads and also the other major teachers’ union defected from the D column is because they know that the blue party at its senior leadership level has totally thrown in to the neoliberal reformist mentality of blame-the-teachers for NAM academic failure.


* It’s not news.  More important is what Richard Spencer supposedly but actually did not do two weekends ago.

* See also.  Notice that the way this happen is that some ED-209s called on some BTs.

* See also, Ibid.

* See also.  As someone on AR quipped:


Snack pack throwers, these two were.  Oh yeah, they could have wound up killing people, and that would have been bad enough.

And also, none out of four ain’t bad.

* You can take the bunny out of the jungle, make him the Vice-Mayor of a college town, give him a graduate degree in education…

* Any theories?  Off top I’m going to guess meth and heroin.

* When that whole party and that whole side of the aisle is not only a coalition of the fringes but one where black voters and black political organization and activists are at the tip of the spear, they’re not going to give up power so easily.  By “no white people,” what she really means is “black people.”

Funny, with all the hot air and hoopla about ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!!1, (which never materializes), it’s strange that nobody is demanding that a Latino runs the DNC.  That’s because even they know all this talk about the ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!!1 is bullshit.

* Right on.  Trump should consider him for DefSec.

* Maybe he deserves it.  But remember that Lee Stranahan, of Breitbart, was also arrested, for the “crime” of merely recording the festivities.  Where’s his check?

* We do have Margaret Sanger’s public statements.  As far as genocide, if she ever intended that, it’s obviously working out so well.

* Well why the hell not?  If cotton balls are hate, then post-it notes can just as well be hate.


* As circumstances continue to bear out my prediction.

* Really.  You needed a whole fancy correlation coefficient to figure this out.  FYI, the fancy correlation coefficient in question is 0.77, which is very close to the magic number of 0.8, and anything that or above is in the essence of the social sciences perfect correlation.

* Must be that religion of peace being all peaceful again, another peace outbreak.

* More and more people are discovering first-hand why Afghanistan is so Afghanistan-y.

* Just remember that the two impresarios are worth $133 billion between them.


* Okay, admit it.  When they showed the Shiba Inu on the dog show on Thanksgiving Day, you all thought about doge.

* That’s right.  They’re going to remember all our silly pranks we played on them.

* Some people just can’t get over the WBTS.  Not the people that lost, the people that won.  Bunch of sore winners.  Though maybe a bit ironically, a Neil Young song played when Trump descended the escalator to announce.

* Tinder has 37 gender options.  In contrast, Faceberg has 58.  C’mon Tinder, social justice, because current year.

* Intolerable.  He messed with /The_Donald/ and probably also /pol/.

* Our little boy is growing up and thinking on his own.

Pretty soon we’ll all be his slaves.

Wanna give that Ray Kursweil a second look?




10 responses

27 11 2016
27 11 2016
Hard Right

27 11 2016

That pug they had on the dog show really left a lot to be desired. And that was supposed to be the best of breed, which means it was the best pug that was entered into that show.

27 11 2016
Hard Right

Almost all of the marijuana and the methamphetamine that are seized in the U.S. are coming from Mexico, according to a new report.

You mean it’s not toothless rednecks cooking it in a trailer? How disappointing.

Maybe we need some affirmative action so that White drug dealers can compete with the Mexicans.

27 11 2016
Hard Right

Maybe he deserves it.

Why? Deray got all the dick he could possibly want while he was in jail.

Maybe Stranahan is one of the 92 plaintiffs getting a $230 check?

If I were a taxpayer in that parish, I’d be furious about giving prisoners orange juice instead of coffee.

27 11 2016

Car-b-que in Sweden.

27 11 2016
Joshua Sinistar

There’s a mass exodus of Union Voters away from the Dark Party. Make no mistake its not about Democracy, they’re going Dark. The other non-reported story is unfunded liabilities. As in Pension Plans. Seems the Dark Party plans to screw its White wimmens over by cutting off their pensions to fund Jihad and Ape Shitty. Word is out and those Union Members are getting off the Crazy Train. They want their money and the Dark Party is all diversity and sheeit. Diversity don’t pay their bills though.

28 11 2016
28 11 2016
Hard Right


28 11 2016

Chanel thieves. The whole gang is from Chicago. Which is why they made a beeline up 55.

This is getting embarrassing — Our black car thieves are such slugs that we have to import black car thieves from Kansas City, and our black mahogany mob robbers are so lazy that we have to import some from Chicago. And I thought the Cubs and Royals winning the WS in the previous two seasons was embarrassing enough.

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