Recount Schmeecount

27 11 2016


FYI, Michigan has already been recounted, because its preliminary margin was Trump +0.3, and there was very little change post-recount.  In contrast, the preliminary margins out of the two other supposedly contestable states are +1.0 (WI) and +1.2 (PA).  In both instances, Trump won far beyond the margin of lawyer.

It’s all about Jill Stein raising money, and the left prefabricating the narrative that Putin hacked voting machines in crucial swing states.  Critical self-introspection…absolutely prohibited.




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27 11 2016
27 11 2016

Soros is probably funding it, hoping to defraud or use it to agitate for another color coded revolution.

27 11 2016

He’s already picked out the color:


27 11 2016


If WI/MI/PA are left out, neither gets to 270. Meaning the House picks the next President choosing from the top three numerical EC vote getters (there were only two this time, HRC and Trump), one vote per state delegation, and the Senate would vote on the Vice-President, raw one-per-Senator vote based on the top two VP EC vote getters (this time, Pence and Kaine). We know Trump would win in the the House and Pence would win in the Senate.

I don’t think it will get to that.

27 11 2016
Hard Right

27 11 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Let me tell you Boyo. Jill Stein is about Jill Stein. Her Green Party lost a lotta dough trying to pick up disaffected Wall Street Witch votes, but the Gruber voting block all stayed on the farm. She must have lots of unpaid bills and her Green Party didn’t get enough votes to rate matching Federal Funds. This recount scam is a way to get Gruber voters to pay her bills and fill Green Party coffers at the same time.
Granny has hitched her broken down wagon, cause she’s done and can’t let go. She might as well croak Now, cause her future is darker than her voting base.

27 11 2016
David In TN

They are going all in on attacking Trump’s legitimacy. The unending recount is part of it.

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