This Is Getting Embarrassing

28 11 2016


A few weeks ago, a small gang of blacks from Kansas City stole some souped-up Dodges from the Napleton dealership in St. Peters.

Now, this.

I referenced this in the weekend wrap-up yesterday.  I didn’t write this at the time, but it was a bit curious to me that this gang hit the gas and sped up 55.

Now we know why — They were going home, because the whole gang is from Chicago.

C’mon, St. Louis blacks.  You’re not going to let Kansas City and Chicago blacks invade your town, your turf, and do the car stealing and mahogany mob robbing that you’re too lazy to do lately, are you?  They like dissed you, or something like that.

This is more embarrassing than the Cubs and Royals winning the WS in the previous two seasons.




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