Social Justice Ordained Outcome

30 11 2016

Washington, D.C.

Of course Nancy Pelosi was going to remain as the leader of House Democrats.

Her only opponent was a stale pale male, had no diversity Pokemon points, was at the bare rock bottom of the progressivetard stack.

It’s the same reason why Howard Dean won’t be running the DNC, in spite of the fact that he was running the DNC the last time that party strung together two consecutive winning biennial election seasons.

With team blue, social justice > winning.




7 responses

30 11 2016
Hard Right

30 11 2016
30 11 2016
Hard Right

Of course he’s a sexist pig. He was in Delta Tau Delta fraternity in college. All frat boys are misogynists who degrade and abuse women. Except for the colored ones, that is….

30 11 2016

House Democrat leadership, ages 76, 77, 76.

30 11 2016
30 11 2016
Hard Right

1 12 2016
Hard Right

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