How to Tell This Is a Hoax

2 12 2016

Webster Groves

A real racist doing real racist fliers for real wouldn’t have included the homophobic parts.

This was a hoax perpetrated by some BLM-type black lesbian.  Blacks are good for hoaxing, and lesbians are really good for hoaxing, so when you put to two together, you have a super duper intersectionality hoaxing machine.




3 responses

2 12 2016
John Vawter

What I find so peculiar about shit like this is why do colleges concern themselves with the lawful actions of their students? (Rhetorical question obviously.) When I was a student I made it abundantly clear that my teachers were my employees. I was there to get a piece of paper diploma, and for no other reason.

2 12 2016
Alex the Goon

“If the investigation reveals that a student is responsible for the fliers, that student could face a judicial affairs hearing”; unless the perpetrator was actually the victim, in which case, we will write if off as an Act of Art, intended to make us think. Which it did, clearly.

3 12 2016

The homophobic add-in seems a bit rushed, as though she couldn’t decide on a single focus. I’m sure she tried to work some Climate-justice in there too but it just didn’t flow. There’s always room for a quick swastika (often neglecting the correct diamond-shape angle that gives at Nazi cred).

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