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3 12 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

When did half the world it seems start working for Goldman Sachs?

Hell, I might even be working for Goldman Sachs and not even know it.




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3 12 2016

If you haven’t noticed it already, try paying extra attention around mid-April next year. You should notice it then.

(You might have clarified your post to read, “How come I’m not one of the ones getting PAID to work for Goldman Sachs?”)

4 12 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Oh come on. You really didn’t expect Trump to save you did you? He’s been around these weasels his whole life. His Son-in Law is a hedge fund crook himself. When all of you give up the delusion that you can reform a Parliament of Whores, we can take out the TRASH.
Join the Mobile Infantry, Get Citizenship. Get in Heinlein.

14 12 2016
Seals Are Apex Predators | Countenance Blog

[…] I asked here about two weeks ago when it came to pass that half the world is working for Goldman Sachs.  Now I’m asking where all these Navy SEALs came from to start running things and have high level senior civilian governmental duties.  Don’t forget about our Governor-Elect.  It seems like both the electorate in general and the President-Elect are scooping up SEALs and giving them power like they’re about to go out of style. […]

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