It’s the Least Wonderful Time of the Year

3 12 2016


Knockout Martin Luther King, Thursday night.

It says he’s worried about medical expenses.  Since these medical expenses were incurred as the result of being the victim of a violent crime, all he needs to do is file a claim with the state crime victims compensation fund.

About a year after this happened.




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3 12 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

“I think they are attacking the wrong people. They are not angry at me. They are angry, but I am not the guy they needed to whack,”

Who, then? Trump voters? Homosexuals? Parens-People?

3 12 2016

We all know what he really wanted to say, but he knew he was being recorded

3 12 2016

He is a liberal folk musician KDHX-type. If you could not tell by his comments

3 12 2016

Norm and I were right there in Soulard just eight days before this happened, because we have made it a habit to go to Joanie’s after Backstoppers, Guns and Hoses. The reason we go to Joanie’s is ironic, considering this story, because Matt Quain works there.

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