Megyn Kelly Makes Like a Tree

3 12 2016


She might bolt to CNN.

Which is like a tree deciding to fall in a forest rather than in a city.




5 responses

3 12 2016
Hard Right

At least she knows what color Santa Claus is….

3 12 2016
Alex the Goon

What makes her unique now is her hate [sexual frustration] for Trump. That wont be very unique at CNN.

4 12 2016
Hard Right

3 12 2016

She slept with the right people at Fox to get her show and then she probably got turned down by Trump. She morphed into Rachel Maddow and is now crying no one wants her. Boo-hoo…

4 12 2016
Joshua Sinistar

All this talk about Aging Ho Cheap Pinhead taking offers sounds like a hooker under a streetlight. I expect Rupie’s Fake News dying in the ratings on that abandoned format of wires means they’re actually pushing her out the door. They can’t dump her like trash cause of all she did for The Wall Street Witch, but trust me, the only offers she’s taking are probably at interviews on her knees. Probably how she got on Rupie’s Fake News to begin with.

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