Part of the Job

3 12 2016



What did they think he was going to do?  Not talk to world leaders and spend all of the next eight years doing more seasons of The Apprentice?




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3 12 2016

And another thing. Why is everyone feeling some kind of way and all up in their feelings, thinking that Trump is about to make some major shift in China-Taiwan policy, just because we found out he talked to someone in Taiwan? This is probably nothing more consequential than the actual thing itself. Or if there are ulterior motives, they’re way more practical — Trump is baiting the media into losing its marbles for the purposes of giving himself and us another opportunity to do the Nelson Muntz at the media. Just like his troll tweet about flag burning was designed to get people to remember that what’s-her-face proposed the same thing 11 years ago, and to get protesters to burn the flag, so that PR splat lands on them. Acute positional trolling.

3 12 2016

I think it’s the GOPe like Ryan & McConnell soiling their Depends over this. The majority of their contributions are from those who make their money from the slave/prisoner type wages in China or importing cheap labor (a.k.a. – “illegal aliens) into the U.S.A. China has massive amounts of illegal aliens living in the U.S.A.

3 12 2016
Hard Right

Chinks can always call Governor Moonbeam. Mexifornia wants to secede


3 12 2016
Hard Right

3 12 2016
Hard Right

3 12 2016
Hard Right

5 12 2016
Nicholas Stix

I think it’s the DPUSA/MSM, once against trying to boss him around. It’s their way of charming him, and repairing their relationship with him. They intuitively know that ordering him, “You can’t do that!,” and denouncing him: “You’re a liar! You’re a racist!,” are the ways to his heart of hearts.

5 12 2016
Joshua Sinistar

These stupid fuckers don’t want him to seem Presidential. Their “brilliant” plan nine from outer closet hole hangers hasn’t gotten ripe enough to through out yet. Its all “Move On” when they get away with it, but bitter clingers to the Klingon Neutral Zone when they lose. Funny how they haven’t gotten used to losing yet. Its the Story of their Whole Life.

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