Mixed Bag

4 12 2016

Rome; Vienna


As you can see, there were two dates today.

And as you know by now, we got what we wanted in Italy but not in Austria.

Of course I would have rather had both, but if it was going to be a situation where we could have had one but not the other, what we got was the better of the two options. The Italian referendum is consequential, while Austrian President is a symbolic-ceremonial office with little power.




5 responses

4 12 2016
Alex the Goon

Yup. And as regards the ongoing biological warfare, Italy is a major landing point and staging area, whereas Austria is primarily a destination.

4 12 2016
Hard Right

Jill Stein heading for Rome….

4 12 2016
Hard Right

Austrians Protest Hofer

4 12 2016
Alex the Goon

No True Austrian would shake that one’s hand.

5 12 2016
Dr Duke

Not many Austrians in that pic, the few that are there are all female.

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