5 12 2016

North Charleston, South Carolina

Slager trial.  Hung jury.

Nicholas Stix and David in TN are surely paying close attention to the minutiae of the trial than I am, so I wonder how my prediction turned out.





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5 12 2016
David In TN

The reports we saw indicated there was a lone holdout (much to the displeasure of the judge) for not guilty in an 11-1 split. We don’t know yet how the voluntary manslaughter option played out. The holdout(s) may have agreed Slager “didn’t know.”

5 12 2016
john jones

NY Daily News Shaun King’s tl has been having a single-car wreck at the corner of broke system and flourishing system

5 12 2016
Alex the Goon

Shit, he’s on to us. Might as well give full disclosure: White people didn’t import slaves to pick cotton. We brought them here, knowing we’d have a bloody war between the states, set the slaves free, enact “laws” against theft, assault, rape, murder, and other assorted chickenshit crimes, that blacks would predictably break, put them on “trial”, find them “guilty”, then put them in prison.
I for one am grateful our Founding Fathers had the foresight to devise this great plan, and pass down the sacred tradition through the generations. The lulz have been priceless. The comedy’s so good in some areas, that we let them out of prison even earlier than dictated by their ridiculously-light sentences (Seriously blacks, have you NEVER wondered how you can get only two years for murder? Idiots.), so we can watch hilarity re-ensue.
Nothing personal, blacks and fake-blacks. We’re bored, rich, and need to be entertained.

5 12 2016

If only they had their own communities, with just their own people, then these sorts of things that they find objectionable(white cops under any circumstances whatsoever) wouldn’t happen. While we’re at it, whites should be sequestered into our own communities as well. It is the only way to make sure.

5 12 2016
David In TN

Now we’re hearing “the majority of the jurors were undecided,” which in plain English means for acquittal.

BTW, the federal government is planning to try Slager next year for “denying Scott’s civil rights.” This gambit was used against the Rodney King cops.

6 12 2016
Julius Brown

Undecided for murder v. manslaughter or guilty v. not-guilty?

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