Rahm’s Begging, Translated

7 12 2016



The Latest: Emanuel asks Trump to protect immigrants

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he hand-delivered to Donald Trump a letter from mayors of some of the nation’s largest cities urging the incoming president to continue to protect young immigrants.

Let me translate this begging by Rahm and the other mayors:

“Latino immigrants are only practical buffer against the black undertow.  Please don’t get rid of ’em, or otherwise, we’ll be in Shitavious’s direct line of fire.”




6 responses

7 12 2016

All these children with work permits.

7 12 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Yeah Ratatouille and his band of bloodsuckers just hate White people and want to keep White genocide going to achieve their fractured fairy tale of living like Effendi with dark skinned orcs serving the hand and foot. Good Luck with that Soylent Green. They’ll serve them all right. On a plate with collard greens and chittlins.

7 12 2016

I think you just made up the part abot how hizzonner knew “Shi’s” long version name….Fake news!…It’s all on you QD!!!

7 12 2016
Alex the Goon

Thinking outside the box here, ROM, but you could just stop paying the negroes to be negroes. They’ll die off, or move along. Then you won’t need the wetbacks to water down your muddy undertow.

8 12 2016

Somebody’s got to do the voting.

8 12 2016

I would not have given that little midget Jew fairy f*ck the steam off of my sh*t!

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