Pudzer It Is

8 12 2016

Downtown St. Louis and Nashville

Andrew Pudzer, who is currently CEO of the fast food conglomerate which owns both the locally known chain of Hardee’s and also Carl’s Jr, which is big on the west coast and in the southwest, will be the next Labor Secretary.  The conglomerate is currently based Downtown, but we got the news in April of last year that CKE would be moving HQ out of St. Louis.  Pudzer himself currently lives in suburban Nashville.

He has a reputation of being opposed to a higher minimum wage.  While I’m opposed to the whole concept of a minimum wage, because price floors are either ineffective or counterproductive, and instead, I want to see economically effective and substantial methods to adjust the salary and wage equilibrium in the upward direction, Pudzer’s opposition has a far more practical motivation.




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9 12 2016

DOL has immense civil investigative powers and resources to go after employers of illegals. I wonder what his stance is on that issue. I don’t know if Hardee’s has a reputation for that one way or the other.

A few years ago the activists were complaining about how effective DOL was against the farms and local food places, so they stopped doing that. It’s a backstop to anything DOJ and DHS would do.

9 12 2016
Hard Right

I thought I was skeptical….

9 12 2016

The big gossip around the salt mines has been the veracity of the accusation that he used his now ex-wife as a punching bag. A bunch of he said, she said, he denies it, she retracts it.

While I neither like nor dislike the pick, and if I was in the Senate, and on the right committee that grilled him on confirmation, I’d ask him if he would enforce Trump’s immigration policies if they conflicted with his past statements, the PR stench from him is getting to smell too bad. Trump should withdraw.

9 12 2016
Hard Right

Divorce proceedings are always suspect.

9 12 2016
9 12 2016

So I am.

10 12 2016

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