In Even More Stark Terms

9 12 2016


A website called Rynerohla has, since about a week after Election Day, been compiling and adding red-blue maps of states by precinct.

It just added Illinois today.  Before you click, your browser will probably downscale this very large (7000 x 9280) image to fit your browser.  If you click on it to make it native size, it will take a few seconds to show.

Just looking at it, without knowing anything else, you wonder how Trump didn’t win it.  But then you come back to your senses and realize that there are a whole hell of a lot of people where all the blue is up in the upper right corner.




6 responses

9 12 2016

I’ve been looking at county election maps too and noticed the same thing. And someone reminded me just how much of Illinois’ population is in that top right corner by the big lake. I used to not give much thought to the electoral college – now I think that’s the only thing stopping the second civil war.

9 12 2016

I’m waiting for this guy to get around to Missouri.

10 12 2016
Dale Gribble

Democrats only win rural precincts when Indians live in them. See South Dakota and Minnesota, for example. Atty General Sessions needs on Day 1 to start an aggressive investigation into voter fraud.

10 12 2016

MN is another state, where the huge population blotch in the lower right tends to make all the difference.

10 12 2016

NY State is another one. Most of the state is red. Most of the population is in NYC and that is deep blue. NYC gives Democrats votes not NYS.

SImilar case in NJ. Most of the counties are red. But the populations live in Bergen, Essex and Passiac. These counties give Dems Presidential votes (though they have a hard time with governorships).

10 12 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Oh come on man. You don’t believe this. This 50-50 split is smoke and mirrors. Its fake polls and phantom voters. Those inner cities are cesspools. Most of the voters are dead or have 100 living at the same address. Poty Dopey used to be a shill for Acorn, the big fake voter ballot box stuffing office.
The Left is a lunatic fringe which is a mere 18-19% tops. Those crowds are bussed in. Anytime they want to make a big “stand”, they fill busses from half the States to make that Million. Its a scam. Its ALL A SCAM. When you own the cameras, you can lie with careful editing, close shots and fake commentary. Wise up. The Lugenpresse is lie and lie again. Always has been. Walter Concrete was a red. He and Dan won the War for Ho Chi Minh when the Viet Cong was getting slaughtered like pigs.

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