The Department of That Ship Has Already Sailed

9 12 2016

New York






8 responses

9 12 2016

Its more about the open admission I suppose.

9 12 2016

They’re not doing their jobs then.

9 12 2016

Whites are going to take this and let a guy like Roof go free. Then what??

9 12 2016
Alex the Goon

Don’t know where you’re going to find 12 White jurors to acquit Roof, in a South Carolina that’s cucked so bad they elected a poonjabbress governor who [later] burned their flag. If you’re lucky you might get one holdout to force a mistrial.

10 12 2016

They shouldn’t, Roof was a psycho who murdered innocent church going blacks in cold blood. He choose the least offensive, most civilized part of the black community to target, what was he trying to do? A coup-detat for the liberal press aching for another Dylan Byrd case?

10 12 2016
Joshua Sinistar

If the shit don’t fit, put it through a woodchipper. These dumb niggers have always been this way. The Klan was formed to do the job the lying Feds wouldn’t do. This time the lying Feds die too. TRUST ME ON THIS.

10 12 2016
Dr Duke

In other words black folks keep doing exactly what you have been doing all along.

11 12 2016
Joshua Sinistar

These niggers have always done this shit. Prosecutors have to keep them all off a jury cause its understood they NEVER convict one of their own.
These niggers haven’t a thought in their pin heads. Actually prison keeps them from getting rough justice from Whites. Those few cucks who shamelessly forgive these rancid apes get all the publicity, but the fact is lynching was what Whites did when the government didn’t take these dumb apes and put em in a cage. These monkeys do a happy dance about killing Whites. When Whites see them laughing and ooking about it, only a government cage can keep their dumb monkey ass from trimming a tree.

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