Income and Wealth Inequality For Dummies

10 12 2016


The blue political party is a high-low coalition against the middle.  The middle is the lush planting grounds for the red political party.

The blue team has in its best partisan interests to drive out the middle, and to prevent the middle from growing.

And when it gets what it wants, all it’s left with is high and low.

Then they wonder why the hell there’s so much income and wealth inequality.




One response

11 12 2016
Joshua Sinistar

The best way to kill the left is to break the thin ties that bind them. That coalition of the fringes is all about rewards and nothing about details. Its not really politics at all. At least not the lemming class. You see the top is all posers and puffed up fake intellectuals. For them its just money for nothing. Oddly, the bottom is about money for nothing too. But in their case, its a giant cargo cult. You want to blow them up or make Humpty Dumpty fall and break apart? Tell the bottom they won’t get the money. Show them that they end up with nothing. Its easy to do. Just keep pointing to the dirty little secret. The Left really doesn’t care. Globalism is about slavery, not free shit. That seeps out, and they’re finished. All the Queen’s talking and all the fake news won’t put that rotten egg back together.

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