Labor Saving

11 12 2016


Digital computers:Human engineers::Quantum computers:Digital computers

The only thing wrong with my analogy is that the second half of the analogy will be orders of magnitude more dramatic than the former.




4 responses

11 12 2016

Oh, the horror! The sheer horror of the lack of diversity in that picture! :-) If we had diversity back then, we never would have gone to the moon and more importantly, brilliant men like David Packard and William Hewlett never would have produced a great company that would be run into the ground by a law school dropout, AA CEO Carly Fiorina.

12 12 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Yeah this isn’t going to work like everything else they say. I’ll tell you why. Engineers aren’t just formulae. Engineers do all sorts of tweaking computers cannot do. Also, Indian coders who can’t spell. One, JUST ONE letter or character in the wrong place and the whole program crashes or glitches. WINDOWS 8 sucked. WINDOWS 9 was scrapped. WINDOWS 10 they offer for free and no one wants it. Its not working out for (((THEM))).
Robots to replace brown peeps is a great idea. Computers cannot replace White guys. White guys don’t do boring repetitious shit. They design and build the Whole World we live in. Remove them, and INSTANT ZIMBABWE.

12 12 2016

I honestly think the upcoming end of jobs is a little oversold. Businesses have no incentive to invest in labor saving capital when labor itself is dirt cheap. Likewise I believe these people are just trying to cover for the fact that they are benefitting from shipping jobs overseas and mass immigration.

14 12 2016

I agree with the first commenter. That too white advertisement is triggering me.

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