Sunday Wrap-Up

11 12 2016


* Along with the TV, they ripped off baby formula.

In a follow up, we find out why.  When this trend hit last year, I thought that they were selling the formula straight up on the streets to the mothers of infants that require it, at prices less than the stores’ retail.  In reality, the formula is formula for some kind of new illicit dope.

* First, second, third versions of the same story.  From a few years ago.

“Northwest Academy of  the Law.”  How can future officers of the judicial system and members of the bar misbehave so badly?  Let me put it to you this way:  Northwest Academy of the Law should not be confused with Harvard Law.

* STLCC has diversity issues?  You bet your junior bippy it does.

* We want the truth?  We can’t handle the truth!

* George Bush III had two different white running mates, here and here.

* Second to last paragraph:  Gee, I wonder why.

* Conviction.  I did some digging and found out that the conviction is for the Class B felony.  Remember what I wrote about this matter last year — Some defense attorney probably got to him and convinced him to dummy up and keep saying over and over that he was aiming for a street rival, and stick to the story.  Turns out that the story was stuck to, and McCulloch was unable to find evidence that he actually did aim for cops for the sake of aiming at cops.

* Just think of all that lost potential.

And also, it’s mostly YT’s fault and Trump’s fault.  We knew that already.

* I’m so old that I remember when the ACLU and Jews Against Christianity People United for the Separation Between Church and State told us that wooden crosses planted in the ground were both the worst thing in the world and indicative of impending theocratic oppression.

* You want to feel sorry for him.  But he makes a living retailing small valuable concealable items in Bell Curve City.  So all this burglary (or worse) is inevitable.

* I’m not aware that talk about another attempt at a city-county merger is anything more than that.  But it must be starting to take a little bit of legs, because Chesterfield’s city council approved a resolution in opposition.  Their motivation was easy to make:  Adding St. Louis City to St. Louis County would mean guaranteed one-party rule in county government pretty much forever, and it’s not the party that Chesterfield voters generally go for.  Like I wrote here back in the summer, there will be an easy obvious coal mine canary way to know if and when this merger talk gets serious, or when it’s perceived to be serious.

If it really does become serious, then there should be a serious attempt to withhold support for it until part of the deal is that West and most of South County get to form a new county, with the boundary line between it and what’s left of the newly combined city-county polity to be the northwest-southeast diagonal that divides red from blue in the existing geography of St. Louis County.

* Don’t worry, the St. Louis Fed has not officially been accused of being Russian propaganda.  Just read carefully.

* I’m tempted, I really am.  Should I kick the obvious joke, or not?

* To wit.

* The money will be used to find some way to move the last few ghetto blacks who still remain there out and to somewhere else.  Mark my words.  How can I be so sure?  Remember, this is where Defense Mapping is moving to.

* It’s like some people think that citizenship is about to mean something pretty soon, such that they should get in line for it.

* Much of it involves ESL, and therefore, this is not a surprise.  But even the white political class of St. Clair County is a corruption pit.

* The first SCOMO business after Justice Teitelman’s death.  I was expecting this, and it was unanimous even in his absence.

* Jay Nixon to make rain for Dowd Bennett after January 9.  That firm had its fingerprints all over the FergCom Report.

* Betsey Bruce is about to retire.  I think she should have retired quite some time back.  Yet, we find out, much to my shock, she’s only 67.  She looks and acts much older.

Interests me because she’s the St. Louis local eyeball news reporter who covers the state and local political scenes with the most interest, so I saw her in the flesh often in the last several years.

* Matthew Blanc, not Matt LeBlanc.

* I’ve written about it in this space in the past, here, here and here.  And it’s continuing to happen.


* By “issues,” in this context, they mean that law enforcement even exists and that black people are sometimes subject to criminal liability.

* Key takeaway:  El Paso may be a dump of a border town where cartel gang violence from the other side spilling over is a chronic problem.  But it’s still way safer than Bell Curve City Chicago.

The arguments that they have nothing to worry about because Chicago the city proper’s violent crime rates aren’t that bad and city’s college campuses aren’t that violent, don’t warsh.  The first argument is a dud because Chicago has enough whites and Latinos to act as a statistical buffer to its violent blacks, (which is one of the reasons why St. Louis’s civic elite wants the city-county merger), and the second argument is a dud because most of the city’s black violence doesn’t happen on and is not related to college campi, not even the ones in the heart of the ghetto.  No, the problem with that is that black basketball players with college prospects want to leave the whole area behind and never look back, because they know what happens if they come back.


* Rupert Murdoch and Michael Bloomberg, the founding members of Billionaires for Human Compassion.

What’s that you say?  You don’t think that human compassion is what really motivates them?  Just don’t be a real reprobate and say anything along the lines of compassion has become a front for billionaire greed.


* “Postideological era.”  I wonder who said it first.

* “It doesn’t necessarily foretell what comes next.”  I wonder who said that first.  Since I didn’t actually write it in this space, you’ll have to take my word for it.  On the day we found out that Trump and some woman in Taiwan who we won’t officially admit is the head of a government of an independent state, I thought that people were making too much of it, that it was apropos of nothing, especially not a major change in our sand ostrich policy of pretending that Taiwan is part of China.

* This makes the case that that what’s-her-face that lost, can’t remember her name, how soon we forget, did better among women voters than women candidates usually do among women voters.  Meaning that she benefited from positive sexism instead of being hurt by negative sexism.

* Like I had been saying.

* And you wonder why the recount efforts in the three close rust belt states were shut down so quickly and stuffed down the rabbit hole.

* Often, after big elections, there is, or is said to be, a regret factor.  As it turns out, there is a Trump regret factor.  It’s just not the kind you think.

* Big problem with the methodology:  Conflating opposition to IR relationships with racial prejudice among whites.

* He’s acting like it, and you already know my theory.  What, you don’t?  Well, today’s your lucky day, because I’m in the mood for reiterating it.  Trump is behaving Presidential far sooner than he needs to because he is psychologically ensconcing himself as President in the minds of as many people as possible, as a psychological sort of “I dare you” to the people who were/are thinking about playing monkeying-around games with the recount, the Electoral college, an assassination or a coup.  Speaking of the coup, that’s one of the reasons he went to the Army-Navy game yesterday, because he knew he’d be cheered, and that would send a signal to deep state dark state types who were thinking about a coup or an assassination that they couldn’t count on the military’s help.  It’s also why he’s putting so many retired military generals in the cabinet — Don’t think that’s not a form of bird flipping.

* Yeah, and the number for the hotline will be 1-800-FUCK-YOUR-FEELINGS.

* “Also didn’t get religion.”  Confess, if you want, and must.  But also remember that nobody really associates Trump and religion.

* Elliott County, Kentucky.  The two notable things are the extremely long streak that was broken, that much is made obvious.  But the other thing is that, in breaking the streak, how drastically it turned to the other side, 70-26 for Trump.  According to its Wikipedia page, admittedly, it only voted Obama by a narrow margin and a plurality four years ago, while voting Democrat in landslide margins all other times before then, with no less than 61%.  (Kerry got 70%, Dukakis got 76%).  So the trend was obvious, even if it was recent, and all it took was the right red party nominee to turn it out.  Meaning that Hillary would have won it if Jeb! was on the other side of the ballot.

* Fifty-six years after he left the U.S. Senate to become President, John Kennedy is returning to the Senate.

Corny, yeah, I know.  Slap me.


* End his career?  He should have never had a career, at least not one as NYS AG, when he promised during his first run for the office in 2010 that he’d give Al Sharpton a corner office.

* The way this reads, Google thinks of conservatives as some rare bizarre species of bird deep in the African jungles, and that its goal is to fund and fete an expedition of hardy souls to study the creatures.

* And this tries to make the case that Terry McAuliffe is a counterexample to a cynical soulless hack.  Pfaw.

* If the glove does not fit…or something like that.

* When cities’ lust for ticket money collides with MUH DISPUT IMPAK.

Lots of cameras at that intersectionality.

* Turns out that three generations of imbeciles weren’t enough.

It says here that social justice implores us to do these reparations, which means whichever way social justice is going, I’m going in the other direction.

* Not that I forgot, but all this kind of thing does is pour salt in the wound.  I’ll never be able to get over how Mike Pence (someone I’m sure everyone has heard of by now) couldn’t finish what he started.  Contra my advice.

* It’s not right.  OTOH, and assuming she’s guilty, and legally, we can’t, we do get to see her decided lack of contrition or concern.  In case you don’t remember this case.

* Alright, who had the fucking bright idea to build and open a casino in Bell Curve County, Maryland?

* The Daily Signal, the boutique of the Heritage Foundation, has made it almost their specialty to cover stories of asset forfeiture and civil forfeiture abuse.  On Slashdot this week, we got some more blanks filled in for us.


* “My old school,” without the Steely Dan.

I really shouldn’t kick jokes about this kind of thing.

* STDs are on the rise in Sweden.  I’d speculate about why, but that would be doubly racist and xenophobic.

While we’re on this subject:  Sweden is supposed to be one of the most officially gender neutral societies around.  So why is the onus for this particular health and social problem entirely on men?

* You already know my criticism of this proposed polity.  Since then, we have found out that the whole thing might be nothing more than an opaque attempt to create a new international tax shelter hidden behind the cloak of ideology.

Alas, though.  Someone noticed that a whole lot of white men of above average ability are part of the effort.  And social justice isn’t having any of that.

Which probably means the pioneers of Liberland will desperately hunt for a few token non-white pets to bring along; if they can’t find any, they’ll call the whole thing off.

Thereby proving my point all along.

* I just can’t wrap my heads around all these black kangs running directly into the arms of white supremacy.


* Everyone talks about energy independence and clean energy, a few people are actually doing and making major breakthroughs.

* Yet another instance of algorithms noticing things that flesh-and-blood humans aren’t allowed to.

* Social justice is a god that is fleet of foot.

* Both the men and the rooster got cages.

* At the same time, human heads are getting bigger.  Combining that with the evolutionary disadvantage against narrow pelvis sizes in women disappearing, and it’s going to get to a point in the distant future when all births will be C-section.

* You think it’s bad now that SJWs are getting their meat claws into Christmas songs?  Just wait until…

* Hydrogen fuel cells are finally getting the recognition I think they deserve.

* The ultimate incarceration machine.

* The Eye of Social Justice Sauron is gazing upon craft beer.  It won’t be long until it its micro roast coffee.

Eye of SJW Sauron is like:  “Nice accomplishments you’ve got there, Gen X.  Would be a shame if something happened to them.”

* “We don’t want to take finals because (insert any given available convenient excuse here).”

* Frat initiations haven’t changed much since I was in college, though it seems like being made to eat worms or bugs hasn’t stood the test of time.

* The cat wants its own Silver Blaze.

* Yet again, I’m tempted to kick another joke.




2 responses

11 12 2016

Late entry.

Here’s how you can tell what’s really going on with all this ZOMG RUSSIA LOL bull.

McCain-Graham just hopped on the train.

11 12 2016
Alex the Goon

“There was no word on why the suspects had the bird. Their names were not released.” – No idea in the world why a couple of beaners would have a rooster. No idea at all
SJWs getting their meat claws into Christmas songs – Can’t be worse than jews getting their horns into them first.

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