Can I Call ‘Em?

12 12 2016

Jefferson City

My instincts were spot on.

First, some today dateline reading material.

Me, November 9:

The state party establishment isn’t exactly welcoming [Eric Greitens] with open arms, because he, along with Attorney General-elect Josh Hawley (and, as you recall, Hawley was my only affirmative vote for a person other than Trump yesterday), have promised to drain the state legislative swamp.  With Amendment 2 passing, which restores campaign funding limits, and with Greitens/Hawley threatening to wield a big stick when it comes to all the questionable money and quasi-money that gets passed around in Jefferson City for four and a half months every year and other times, my line of work is about to become a much browner field.  With legislative term limits deterring the power of incumbency, (John Diehl’s power was an anomaly in the term limits era), Missouri politics are definitely swinging in the direction of executive branch focused.  What it also means is that I’m really ramping up my exit strategy, getting my ducks in a row to start up my startup, because I don’t think I’m long as a lobbyist.

And “not long” turned out to mean a month and three days.  The shoe dropped today.

Thankfully, I’m not being laid off, in fact, it’s almost the opposite.  I’m being given a lateral move opportunity to mostly non-political PR work under the same roof, all while being able to germinate my startup on company time and dime, using both my personal Dex and the company’s Dex, as my bosses like my startup idea, not only for the substance of the thing, but they think that if it blows up enough, I’ll give them the PR work.  Paying it forward, it’s like a thing.  It also means I’ll have the benefit of not having to be figuratively out in the cold and alone trying to start the startup.

I’ll also get to go to the inauguration, as sort of a last waltz.




2 responses

16 12 2016
Dr Duke

Congrats on getting to see Trumpfest in person.
I am hoping Ted Nugent will play Stranglehold while The Donald is pulled out in a chariot pulled by the bikini babes from the Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. ads.

There has to be some reason why Puzder is getting a cabinet post, maybe that is it?

16 12 2016

Greitens’s inauguration, not Trump’s.

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