Fair Warning From Your Unfriendly Neighborhood Blogmeister

12 12 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

To the deep state/CIA/media/Judeo/neolib/neocon alliance which is trying to wage a soft coup against Donald Trump:

Remember, you’re fucking with someone who is about to be the least ideological President since Dwight Eisenhower.

This means that he can dump ideas as soon as he adopts them, because he’s not attached to their underlying ideologies nor necessarily hostile to those that sprout other ideas.  This is why those of you who are worried that Trump is toying around with this that or the third idea you don’t like should chill out just a bit.  I wrote elsewhere, but not here, before the election, that I’d rather have Trump propose a Paul Ryan style idea than Paul Ryan propose a Paul Ryan style idea, because if (when) it doesn’t work, Trump has no ideological attachment to Paul Ryan style ideas, and will quickly throw it into File 13, go shopping for new ideas, and not give it a second thought.   Paul Ryan, OTOH, is very ideologically thrown in to Paul Ryan style ideas, and upon their failure, he’ll double down, claim impurities in the implementation or the product, whine about sabotage, and floor the gas.

Back to the soft coup, what if someone prints out Curtis Yarvin and Nick Land and puts it under his snoot?

His appearance at Army-Navy, and all the cheers he got, his appointment of Mad Dog Mattis, a military favorite, as DefSec, and his also sending other retired generals John Kelly to HLS and Michael Flynn to NSA, I think is a chess board signal and move as much as it is the communication of policy via personnel.

I told you that Trump would be the least ideological President since Eisenhower.  Consider what Eisenhower’s line of work was before he became President.

Poke this bear too much, and I’ll put it to you this way:  Don’t be surprised if it ends up where November 3, 2020 is just another day.  Won’t have to fuss over Electoral College or popular vote, won’t have to worry about any of that.




8 responses

12 12 2016
David In TN

I agree. BTW, Occidental Dissent is already giving up on Trump.

12 12 2016

So you already figured out one of the intended recipients of my coded message.

12 12 2016
David In TN

Yep. I thought you were talking to OD.

12 12 2016

Yes, and others.

12 12 2016

The Hatch act forbids the media from interfering with the inauguration of an elected president. And that is exactly what they did, because THE CIA JUST CAME OUT AND SAID OUTRIGHT THAT THE WASHINGTON POST LIED AND THAT THEY NEVER TOLD ANYONE ABOUT AN INVESTIGATION INTO TRUMP AND RUSSIA.

“It’s an outright lie, ” a CIA analyst divulged to True Pundit. “There’s nothing definitive like that. There are leads from activity originating in Finland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Britain, France, China and Russia.”

Jim Stone

13 12 2016
Chris Mallory

The Hatch Act only applies to employees of the Federal government.

13 12 2016
Dale Gribble

PEOTUS Trump nominated tough can-do field generals not just because they get the job done but because who in the Senate would vote against them?

Eisenhower was a normie wasn’t he? yet his border patrol pick General Swing drained the swamp

then Senator Lyndon Johnson was his opposition to this

14 12 2016

Respectfully, but there is no ideology involved with these cuck homos other than the ideology of self-interest. Nothing these c*nts do is for the good of the citizenry or country other than for those whose bidding they do. They have no core values. All of the mouthing regards ideology is kabuki for idiots like us who chose to think they have any core values/integrity.

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