Not Hurting

14 12 2016


Au contraire, DC.

This isn’t “hurting their cause,” because “their cause” is acquiring important choke points of cultural power and then using that power to force society, and most importantly, rich and powerful men, to redefine its norms of feminine beauty away from Melania Trump and toward Trigglypuff.  Which is a wise thing to do if “their cause” constitutes Trigglypuffs.





2 responses

14 12 2016
john jones

As Emerson said, “Beauty is its own excuse for being”. The only shame is that after not hearing her speak for so long, I had imagined her to have a deep sultry Natasha from Bullwinkle, or like a Marlene Dietrich character, voice. Instead she has that high whine that Balkan women seem to be prone to.

14 12 2016

I will take a natural beauty like Trigglypuff any day.

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