Seals Are Apex Predators

14 12 2016

Whitefish, Montana

With the news that Montana’s at-large Congressman, Ryan Zinke, will be tapped for the Interior Department, we find out that he was a Navy SEAL.

I asked here about two weeks ago when it came to pass that half the world is working for Goldman Sachs.  Now I’m asking where all these Navy SEALs came from to start running things and have high level senior civilian governmental duties.  Don’t forget about our Governor-Elect.  It seems like both the electorate in general and the President-Elect are scooping up SEALs and giving them power like they’re about to go out of style.

Have the Navy SEALs become some sort of informal leadership academy in recent years?  Just thinking off the top of my head, the Navy SEALs are to the right what Harvard Law School is to the left.  To put it another way, remembering my Pareto, it could be the case that the foxiest foxes go to Harvard Law, while the most leonine lions go into the Navy SEALs.




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14 12 2016

“All these”? lol therr are only two Seals, one being the commander and the other a commissioned officer. which means they went through the military schools for leadership (ocs for sure). but its not just seals, any special ops officers are going to exhibit the same warrior leadership.

if you have time, take a pistol class at asymmetric solutions out in Farmington and talk to some of the former sof guys. totally unique class of person.

14 12 2016

Do not be fooled by these guys being SEALs. They are very intelligent and clever. Clever enough to become politicians at high levels. But, they are clever enough to mouth the platitudes and go to wherever their bread will be buttered. Witness the cuck homo Missouri Governor-Elect whose wife and young children were just robbed at gunpoint by Orcs. The cuck faggot husband wants to have a coffee-klatch with the perps and their families. F*cking voters spend too much time watching movies and TV and conflate the two with reality a la Arnold the Governator.

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