I’m Through

16 12 2016


Last sentence:

Sanna also said he is buying gift cards for Kilwa Jones’ children for Christmas.

Stop the world, I want to get off.

As an aside, the state time won’t matter in substance because it will be served concurrently with the Federal time.




7 responses

16 12 2016
john jones

He should get the needle. You tried to end a man’s life for filthy lucre, You just got lucky it didnt hit the right organ. I dont give a damn what Sanna says. His mental condition is “do whatever you gotta do to stay sane”. Hes irrelevant.

17 12 2016

Fuck the needle. That single-use shit is a super-expensive giveaway to skype pharma and the AMA.

A synthetic rope is $14.99 at the sporting goods store, and does five or ten guys each.

17 12 2016
Alex the Goon

He’s only paralyzed from the waist down. He could’ve retained his sanity (and manhood) by luring the nigs in with gift cards, and then shot them all.

17 12 2016
Julius Brown

Between judges giving love taps to post-ballgame attempted murderers, to an inexperienced Soros-funded BLM dinda Circuit Attorney, and County Juvvy now forced to “equalize” black defendants to white defendants … the thug who beats the rap is about to become the Big Man on the Block to a whole new generation of kids. If you live in St. Louis, you should be hearing a Poltergeist right about now saying, “Get Ouuuuuut!”

17 12 2016

“need to end the cycle of violence” – you do that by killing the bad guys.

19 12 2016
Dr Duke

I never understood why you get a much shorter sentence if the EMTs and surgeons were able to keep your victim alive.
You tried to kill someone.
The only things that stopped you were your poor marksmanship and the skill of the doctors.

19 12 2016

Something else that’s always bothered me is why premeditation is punished way more harshly than passion.

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