Special Snowflake In Chief

16 12 2016

Washington, D.C.

You just couldn’t help but throw a few last snack packs on your way out the door, could you, Barry?

Forever rent-free will Rush Limbaugh, Roger Ailes and Andrew Breitbart will live in your head.




4 responses

16 12 2016

Such a small man. Such a long 8 years in many respects.

16 12 2016

Unbelievably inane nonsense spouted by the POTUS today. I don’t know how the fawning “fake news” stenographers could cover this with a straight face. My excrement has more intelligence than the Ivy League law school graduates Obama & Moochelle put together.

16 12 2016

The first lady was no less inane on Oprah. No hope now, unlike when Barack was in office. She’s the one who was never proud of America before and apparently won’t be after.

16 12 2016

When Michelle O said that in 2008, she also implied that she was not proud of the country when Bill Clinton was President. At the time, her husband’s prime political opponent was Hillary Clinton. Most people didn’t grok that, but that was a subtle dig at the Clintons esp Hillary.

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