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17 12 2016


WU suspends men’s soccer because the team’s members are sexually attracted to women.  Bad heterosexuals.  Bad!  Bad!

In the national media copy about it, this is juxtaposed against the recent news of same kind of blanket team suspensions happening at the Ivy League schools of Harvard, Princeton and Columbia.

For that, WU’s PR staff is doing victory laps around Bushyhead Track.




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17 12 2016
17 12 2016
Alex the Goon

“He has publicly apologized to Ms. Molitor, her friends, his family, teammates…”
It’s good that he recognizes who the real victims were.
“I was not drinking. I have never had a drink in my life. I was, however, a nigger that night, and have been a nigger my whole life.”

17 12 2016

And there you have it.

18 12 2016

Yeah, he savagely punched her because he was reportedly called names that he & his brethren use hundreds of times every day. And it wasn’t because she or her friends turned down his crude sexual advances earlier.

18 12 2016

in his defense, she slapped him in the face. That is assault. I for one think we need to end this letting women get away with assault. You wanna hit people? be prepared to be hit back. That’s equality.

19 12 2016

She shouldn’t have touched him, at all. But she didn’t do anything to in him doing what she did that justified that kind of blowback.

6 02 2017
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