Reading Comprehension

17 12 2016


I’m going to make the University of Minnesota football controversy very easy to understand.

And I won’t even get involved in the matter of whether the suspended players actually did what they are accused of doing or not, because that matter is irrelevant to my snappy profound analysis.  If someone asks in the comment thread of this posts, I will so opine.

The men were foolish and unsophisticated enough such that they took the events of about thirteen months ago two states south of them at face value.  All they thought they had to do was boycott, and the world would be their oyster.  When they wound up getting no backup and no support and no real adulation, they backtracked.

Because you read this blog, you know why the events of thirteen months ago two states south of them should not be taken at face value.




9 responses

17 12 2016
Nicholas Stix

Why is it, if you want to learn what’s really going on behind college football controversies, you can’t trust the “professional journalists” with your time, but instead have to go to the unpaid Countenance Blogmeister? And what happens when, one day, you’re too busy earning a living, or changing diapers, to get the truth for us?

17 12 2016

Whoa. You’re anticipating my impending startup actually being successful?

Really, blogging for me doesn’t take up that much time.

17 12 2016

I wondered if there was a repeat of Missouri with a grad student pulling the strings.

Still, they came close. One wonders if any positive inducements were involved in the turnaround.

17 12 2016

Agreed, these unsophisticated rubes have no clue. But do you think the accused are guilty or not? I know their lawyer is a complete moron who should be disbarred after I read his quote in Steve Sailer’s link to this –

18 12 2016

I think it’s more likely than not that they did it. The reason I think it is because of one of mine (and everyone’s) credible theories about the genesis of the hysteria of rape culture at colleges and the rush to blame it on white men in frats — CYA and cover for black scholarship athletes doing the raping.

However, that’s no proof of anything.

And no, I don’t think the team members who did the temporary boycott had it in their minds at all to protest based on the metapolitics of the Title IX/Dear Colleague question. They just made a superficial conclusion based on a superficial observation of Mizzou — They saw that the players boycotted, and got what they wanted. Ergo, all they had to do was boycott, and they’d win. They weren’t astute enough to realize the opaque professor-led campus political mutiny behind it all.

18 12 2016

Thank you Countenance! I appreciate your insightful & well reasoned analysis on this (and on all of your posts). “Superficial” used twice in a sentence sums it up brilliantly! Countenance, you are spot-on! I still can’t believe the naiveté of the white NCAA football players leading the protest! They still have no idea how much they are loathed by the SJW media types (& faculty) plus the fact that it is a gang rape charge. As for the university game wardens letting feral black predators roam free in a rich prey environment like a white college campus, it will always lead to declining Mizzou-like applications stats.

18 12 2016

Brilliant analysis on the Mizzou situation. I think you nailed it.

I wish Gary Pinkel and Mack Rhoads had the sack at the time to tell the players while we appreciate your concerns and support your right to protest on your own time, if you boycott the game your scholarships will be revoked and you will be dismissed from the team.

18 12 2016

Even if Pinkel and Rhoads would have had that kind of courage, their higher ups would have overruled them, because, like I detailed, the professor-engineered boycott happened at just the right time to hit the school’s AD negatively to the tune of $5 million if it would have continued.

18 12 2016

This and the story about WU soccer are related in a way. These schools are trying to muddy the issue and confuse the issue by conflating a bunch of (white) guys prose-ogling and actual (alleged) rape on the part of (black) guys.

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